Jens Lehmann wrote:
> Ram is plain wrong here (just like he is on "git rm" and "git mv",
> even though the latter is currently still in pu). This use case is
> handled by submodules for years now. Take a look at the "ignore"
> setting in .gitmodules which give you full control of the stat()s
> in submodules, in addition you have the repo-wide option
> diff.ignoreSubmodules.

Oh, I didn't know about ignore in .gitmodules.  Sorry about that.

> The whole feature list is full of red herrings like this which
> have nothing to do with the advantages of a new object, but talk
> about UI issues which are easy to solve in both worlds.

Really? was written in 2007, and does not have git
mv or cd-to-toplevel restriction removed to date.  What does that say
about git-submodule?

I specifically said end-user's perspective.  Why exactly would I be
talking about the advantages of the link object?
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