I suspect you're overtly worried about the fallout of such a
disruptive change.  If so, you could've just said: "Ram, I like the
idea.  But what breakages do you estimate we'll have to deal with?"
instead of attacking the idea and repeatedly questioning its purpose.
So, I'll make a rough guess based on the first iteration I intend to
get merged:

- Not all the git submodule subcommands will work. add/ status/ init/
deinit are easy to rewrite, but stuff like --recursive and foreach
might be slightly problematic as I already pointed out earlier.  We'll
have to code depending on how far you think the first iteration should
go.  After a few iterations, we can make 'git submodule' just print
"This command is deprecated.  Please read `man gitsubmodules`."

- All existing repositories with submodules will not be supported.  My
plan to deal with this: Have git-core code detect commit objects
in-tree and disable things like diff.  As soon as the user executes
the first 'git submodule' command, remove all existing submodules,
along with .gitmodules and re-add them as link objects.  Then print a
message saying: "We've just migrated your submodules to the new
format.  Please commit this."

That's really it.  It's certainly not earth-shattering breakage; and I
think the inconvenience it causes is more than compensated by its
beautiful design and UI/UX.
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