John Keeping wrote:
> So not a flag day, but still some point at which the repository
> transitions to "will not work with Git older than version X".  And if
> you need to add a new submodule then you cannot delay that transition
> any longer.

Yes, that is true.  I don't see any way out of this.

> I haven't seen anywhere a concise list of what functionality this is.
> Do you have a simple bulleted list of what new features this would
> allow?

Sure, I'll write it out for you from an end-user perspective:

0. Great UI/UX.  No more cd-to-toplevel, and a beautiful set of native
commands that are consistent with the overall design of git-core.
Which means: clone (to put something in an unstaged place), add (to
stage), and commit (to commit the change).  There's now exactly one
place in your worktree (which is represented as one file in git; think
of it a sort of symlink)  to look in for all the information.  git
cat-link <link> to figure out its parameters, git edit-link to edit
its parameters: no more "find the matching pwd in .gitmodules in
toplevel".  To remove a submodule, just git rm.  And git mv works!

1. True floating submodules.  You can have a submodule checked out at
`master` or `v3.1`: no more detached HEADs in submodules unless you
want fixed submodules.  No additional cruft required to do the
floating: the information is native, in a link object.

2. Initializing a nested submodule without having to initialize the
outer one: no more repo XML nonsense.  And it's composable: you don't
need to put the information about all submodules in one central place.

3. Ability to have very many large submodule repositories without the
performance hit.  It makes sense to block stat() from going through
when you have floating submodules.  This means that many levels of
nesting are very easily possible.

4. It's suddenly much easier to add new features to this
implementation.  You don't need to do the kind of gymnastics you'd
have to do if you were hacking on submodule.c/

This is basically how "great design" plays out.
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