Felipe Contreras wrote:
> What is your objective, do you want to help this project move forward or not?

Forward, please.

I want a solution to this persistent problem of conflict though.  And
I presented one in my previous email:

Here's my solution to the problem: maintain your project outside
git.git and merge changes in every couple of months or so with a
simple email containing a pull URL, addressing Junio.  If Junio trusts
you enough to put the changes you send into contrib/ after a cursory
glance, we're done.  Start a separate mailing list for your project/
accept GitHub pull requests via which contributors can send you
changes.  No more fuss or drama on the git list about this.  You can
be as stubborn as you want, and we go back to our lives.  Everyone

I'll probably even contribute small patches once in a while.
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