Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> Good, so I'll keep sending the patches, because our users benefit from
> the review.

Just for the record, a patch sent to the list which nobody bothered
to read does not really count as reviewed.

You can either

 (1) pace yourself when people are otherwise busy; or

 (2) send them anyway but not claim "this was sent to the list two
     weeks ago, nobody complained, so it must be perfect" when it is
     not picked up after a few weeks.

Often (1) is a better strategy, as people who wanted to review but
otherwise were busy tend to declare patch bankruptcy after their
busy period ends.

Also, a reason that a patch goes uncommented is when it is difficult
to judge.  A patch with code change without sufficient explanation
behind the motivation to justify the change, a reviewer finds it
much harder to convince himself that the patch is a good change, and
it also is much harder to find which part of the change is wrong and
offer improvements, compared to a patch with the same change that is
justified properly.
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