On Thu, 6 Jun 2013, Felipe Contreras wrote:

In the end my point remains unchanged; Perl is declining, so it would
be wise for the future to use another scripting language instead.

Perl use may or may not be declining (depending on how you measure it), but are you really willing to take on the task of re-writing everything that's in Perl into another language and force all developers of scripts to learn that other language? what's the ROI of this?

Perl isn't going to disappear any time soon. What makes you think that whatever language you pick to replace Perl is going to be more stable than Perl is?

and, like the parent poster, by 'stable' I mean from the compatibility point of view.

What are the odds that the 'newer' language that you pick is going to pull a "python 3" on you?

There have been a very large number of scripting languages show up, make a lot of press, and then fade in favor of other languages while Perl has continued. It's not the sexy languange nowdays, but it's there, reliable, and used so heavily that there's really no chance of it dissapearing in the forseable future.

David Lang
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