David Lang wrote:
> Well, Felipe is saying that Perl is dieing and we should re-write everything
> that exists in Perl to Ruby.

I don't agree with that opinion.  More generally, I think the entire
discussion on what _should_ or _should not_ be done is rubbish.  What
_will_ and _will not_ happen depends on the patches contributors send.
 If a contributor sends a patch rewriting git-svn in ruby, then we
have a discussion: is anyone bored enough to pick up the task in the
first place?

> TIOBE index graph is "press coverage" as far as I'm concerned.

Well, that's your definition of "press coverage" then.  TIOBE index is
generated from scraping the web to figure out which languages are
"living", based on discussions between programmers (and yes, "press"
articles).  I do not have conclusive or "undeniable" proof that perl
is dying, but the trends are indicative of a decline.

I think Felipe is using the argument that perl is declining to answer
the question "why didn't you write git-related in perl instead?";
that's it.
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