Felipe Contreras wrote:
>> Also we heard from no regular/high-value reviewers
>> that they feel comfortable reviewing additions in Ruby.
> Correction; *current* regular/high-value reviewers.

Correct.  The opinions of inactive community members and
non-contributors are less useful.

> We could change, and we would probably receive a big influx of fresh
> contributors happy that they can contribute in their favorite
> language. But we won't do that, why? Because you already decided
> that's not going to happen, because you are making the false
> assumption that things in the future can only be like things have been
> in the past.

Okay, so here's the deal: commit a lot of good ruby code to contrib*,
and attract users/ contributors.  Eventually, if you're right about
git.git growing a healthy ruby ecosystem, we'll get ruby in core.  As
I've said multiple times, this agenda-based approach just sucks,
because we can't predict the future.

* I'll help out in whatever little way I can
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