Jeff King <> writes:

> ... We do not have an explicit code of
> conduct on the list, but it is not as if behavior is without
> consequences. If you are not easy to work with, people will get tired of
> dealing with you eventually[1].

FWIW, I have already reached that point and learned to kill certain
types of threads in my MUA.  There is no point wasting time arguing,
rather than tending to patches from other people.

One example of killing the entire thread is when I see "This patch
will not be applied" by Felipe in a thread started with his patch.
I understand that it is his way to say "this patch is retracted"
without having to explicitly say that he now understands that
reviews showed why the patch was wrong or that he thanks the
reviewer for enlightening him.

The patch will come back, with corrections as necessary, if it has
merit, so we do not lose anything of value anyway by discarding the

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