On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 4:42 PM, Michael Haggerty <mhag...@alum.mit.edu> wrote:

> Felipe, I wish that you would devote a small fraction of your prodigious
> energy to the very difficult challenge of feeling empathy,

I do feel empathy, the problem is that you make the assumption that
other people are like you, and that somehow I like the same things as
you; to be treated nicely. I don't.

> understanding, and respect for the other members of the community.

Respect is not automatic.

> But
> if things continue the way they have, I personally would, with sadness
> in my heart, prefer to forgo your patches in exchange for the more
> important benefit of a more collegial (and therefore overall more
> productive and sustainable) community.

In other words; you prefer to talk to people that have a similar mind
than you, and avoid doing what the project actually needs; code.

I wrote tons of code that help the project. And you avoid that because what?

Can you put the needs of the project about your personal need for
others to be nice towards you?

Felipe Contreras
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