(cc-ing subversion's users@ list for advice)
Kyle McKay wrote:
> On Jul 6, 2013, at 18:37, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
>> Kyle McKay wrote:
>>> Begin forwarded message:

>>>> [2] http://subversion.tigris.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=2932
>> Ah, thanks for the context.
>> It's still not clear to me how we know that ra_serf driving the editor
>> in a non depth-first manner is the problem here.  Has that explanation
>> been confirmed somehow?
> Since ra_serf makes multiple connections to the server (hard-coded
> to 4 prior to svn 1.8, defaults to 4 in svn 1.8 but can be set to
> between 1 and 8) it makes sense there would be multiple active calls
> to apply_textdelta if processing is done as results are received on
> the multiple connections.

Ah, that's worrisome.  Do I understand you correctly that to work with
ra_serf in skelta mode, callers need to make their apply_textdelta
callback thread-safe?

Or do you just mean that the traversal order is based on the order in
which results are received?  That would be fine, as long as after each
apply_textdelta call, close_file is called before the next

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