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David Rothenberger wrote:
> On 7/6/2013 5:28 PM, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>> Is there a simple explanation of why violating the depth-first
>> constraint would lead to multiple blob (i.e., file, not directory)
>> deltas being opened in a row without an intervening close?
> I believe serf is doing the following for a number of files in parallel:
>  1. open_file
>  2. apply_textdelta
>  3. change_file_prop, change_file_prop, ...
>  4. close_file

Ah, that makes more sense.  It is not about traversal order but about
processing multiple non-directory files in parallel, and step (3)
potentially involving a large number of property changes means that it
can make sense not to take a lock.

Perhaps the reference documentation could warn about this?

On the git-svn side, it looks like we have enough information to make
a more complete commit message or in-code comment so the reason for
multiple git_blob tempfiles is not forgotten.  Thanks for your patient

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