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But in practice, msysgit is:
  1) outdated msys that was patched in multiple ways without
   sending patches upstream

It's not true that we are not sending patches upstream to MSYS, see [1]. It's just that most of them don't get included due to a lack of time from the MSYS maintainers, see e.g. [2].

  2) heavily patched git, again not upstreamed

"Heavily" is relative, in fact it's not that much that I would give up hope on getting everything upstream. We once had put large efforts in bringing our stuff to upstream Git, just to over and over again being pulled into fussy discussions, costing way more time than developing the patches themselves. So at some time most of us just decided to spend their time more efficiently by bringing Git for Windows forward.

To be honest, msys isn't a great tool. After all, it's just outdated
and heavily patched cygwin. There exists msys2 project (much less outdated and 
much less patched cygwin).

I agree that MSYS is not at all that great (anymore). It simply does not seem to be well maintained. But neither do I trust MSYS2 (yet), which looks to me like a spare time project by one or two guys, both newcomers not part of the original MSYS team. However, if MSYS2 turns out to be maintained better than MSYS in the future, I'm open to base mingwGitDevEnv on MSYS2.

1) It makes sense to purge msysgit and start over. See mingwGitDevEnv [2] (by 
msysgit developer).

You would have been very welcomed to contribute 64-bit support to mingwGitDevEnv (which I'm the maintainer of). I saddens me that we blow out our energy on forks (without even getting in touch first) instead of pulling together.

[1] http://sourceforge.net/p/mingw/bugs/search/?q=msysgit
[2] http://sourceforge.net/p/mingw/bugs/1823/

Sebastian Schuberth

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