Hi Marat,

On Tue, 22 Apr 2014, Marat Radchenko wrote:

> Johannes says building mingw64 Git is dirt-easy.

Marat, please let's stop misquoting me, okay?

What I said was more along the lines that there had been some start of a
work on getting things to compile for 64-bit Windows, but that the test
suite did not pass.

Even cutting out the part about the test suite from quoting me leaves out
the main point of what I said.

And for the record: I just had a look; the beginnings of W64 support are
in https://github.com/msysgit/git/compare/7f37564...work/w64.

And again for the record: at least from my side, there is more than just
willingness to cooperate. We'd just need to start a conversation in the
second person (as opposed to the third person).

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