On Mon, 21 Apr 2014, Felipe Contreras wrote:

> Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> > Now, clearly you have all the motivation that is needed to get 64-bit
> > builds of Git for Windows going, and all the motivation required to make
> > sure that the MSVC support of the msysGit project works.
> s/msysGit/Git/

No. I meant the msysGit project; the project that maintains the current
development environment for Git for Windows. Please do not try to
reinterpret what I am saying.

> Personally I don't see why ideally I shouldn't be able to build upstream
> Git for Windows with mingw without leaving my Linux system.

Maybe because you could not even test it properly, let alone run the test
suite? And maybe because according to the famous "scratch your own itch"
credo, it is actually the duty of Windows users -- i.e. users who do not
even have your Linux system -- to fix the bugs that would never be
encountered anywhere but Windows?

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