Marat Radchenko wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 07:06:24PM -0500, Felipe Contreras wrote:
> > I managed to fix all the errors, some apply to newer mingw, regardless of 
> > 32 or
> > 64, others are specific to 64-bit. It's all hacky and I haven't checked if 
> > it
> > runs, but at least it compiles (mostly).
> Do you plan to evolve it into something mergeable?

I might, but that would requiere a lot of effort to investigate the changes in
mingw, and I'm not sure if there's enough interest on this.

After fixing all the issues so that we can cross-compile, I would like to see a
real effort to move away from shell and perl scripts, so that we not only could
run the important commands, but properly test Git without bash, otherwise I
feel Windows will always be a second class citizen.

> P.S. besides CC/LD, I also had to define AR and fix `windres` executable name 
> in `config.mak.uname`.

That's why we should have a CROSS_COMPILE variable which is standard in other 

This is what the Linux kernel has:

  AS            = $(CROSS_COMPILE)as
  LD            = $(CROSS_COMPILE)ld
  CC            = $(CROSS_COMPILE)gcc
  AR            = $(CROSS_COMPILE)ar
  NM            = $(CROSS_COMPILE)nm
  STRIP         = $(CROSS_COMPILE)strip
  OBJCOPY       = $(CROSS_COMPILE)objcopy
  OBJDUMP       = $(CROSS_COMPILE)objdump

I had patches for this, but I gave them up =/

Felipe Contreras
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