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> Skickat: tisdag, 29 apr 2014 5:32:29
> Ämne: Re: Recording the current branch on each commit?
> James Denholm wrote:
> > Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > James Denholm wrote:
> > >> It's not anybody else's job to take your patches and drizzle them in the
> > >> honey of respectable discourse.
> > >
> > > It's nobody's job to do anything. This a collaborative effort and in a
> > > collaborative effort everbody chimes in to do different things.

> In the Git project though, we choose to starve to death. Neither were my
> patches picked, nor did anybody else step up with a different proposal, we
> just
> did nothing, which is what we always do.

Just because you are starving, the others may not be. I'll skip dinner today.

Not all people view the world the same way you do. Sometimes they don't "see 
because they don't share your experience. A year later other people may have 
come to the
same conclusion as you (or not) and whatever the idea you had may come
from someone else, when the world is ready. 

Whining won't help, it will just reduce your credibility, perhaps to the point
that people won't even read a improved proposal if you come up with one.

Remember this is a high volume list, so you don't get much time to explain an 
idea. It's
a matter of karma.

-- robin
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