Felipe Contreras wrote:
> You are obviously not very good with analogies, or reading for that
> matter. The answer is quoted right in the begginning of the mail.
> Congratulations, you've achieved a mail quote loop.

I'll rephrase the question and it's context. Please attempt to answer

You've expressed frustration at the pace of git's development.

You've expressed frustration at how your proposals, at least a subset
thereof, are not being chosen as solutions.

You've expressed belief that this is to the fatal detriment of git.

And you've expressed that you believe this situation won't change.

Given that you feel you have the necessary solutions and you have
git-fc with which to drive them into the world, why are you sticking
around expressing exasperation and inevitable fatality? Why not
promote git-fc as the superior option, as upon it's succession of git
you would have the argument needed to back your proposals?

James Denholm.
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