On 30 April 2014 07:45:37 GMT+10:00, Felipe Contreras 
<felipe.contre...@gmail.com> wrote:
>James Denholm wrote:
>> On 29 April 2014 23:31:29 GMT+10:00, Felipe Contreras
><felipe.contre...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> >James Denholm wrote:
>> >> So that we can all have egg on our faces when it takes off and is
>> >> proven superior... Right?
>> >
>> >I don't know what you mean by "we", but it certainly doesn't include
>> >you.
>> >
>> >  % git log --author=nod.h...@gmail.com master
>> >  empty
>> Sure it does.
>No it doesn't. Unless you have some credentials in the Git community,
>which come after several contributions, your opinion carries no weight
>at all. This might not be ideal, but that's the way it is.
>You have no credentials, your opinion doesn't count. You are not part
>the "we" you referred before.

I find your lack of reading comprehension... disturbing.

To reassert the my full statement, as you so hastily truncated:

>James Denholm wrote:
> Sure it does. I didn't (and don't) have any impact on the
> debate and resulting community views, but I recall recently
> that I prescribed to the arguments that default aliases
> are a bad idea. I'm not arrogant enough to suggest that
> my views matter at this point, but if git-fc is proven superior
> by community adoption, I would be as wrong  as anyone else
> who held that view.

>> So I'll ask again - you've described frustration at the
>> pace of git development, and that you feel that your patches
>> aren't being accepted. If you feel that this is ultimately to the
>> fatal detriment of git, why are you still trying to convince
>> vegetarians to join you in hunting when you could simply find
>> a more willing group?
>If by convince you mean apply my patches, my patches are still getting
>applied [1].
> (...)
>[1] https://www.ohloh.net/p/git/contributors?sort=latest_commit

But that isn't the case. If it was, you wouldn't have a blog post
up about how git-fc has default aliases (and such), while git
does not. You wouldn't have another post exclaiming
frustration at the pace of development, and how certain
contributions of yours have been ignored.

Sure, a subset of your patches are being accepted, but if
the ones you cared about weren't, this discussion
wouldn't have even occurred.

>Either way your analogy is completely wrong as I already explained
>multiple times. I'm not trying to convince vegetarians to go hunting,
>I'm saying they should eat something, bread, meat, vegetables,
>Instead they choose to starve to death.

Not at all. You propose solutions, rather than *just* calling
for any solution to be accepted. I'm the meantime, the
community decides that some of your proposals
aren't good ideas, and decide to consider others in due

>And I'm done discussing with you. Your comments are content-free.

Only code-free. And that's because this is a people problem,
Felipe, not a code problem.

James Denholm.
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