Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> David Kastrup wrote:
>> Shouting "your God is an imaginary shithead" every time you see Mark
> There's no point in discussing with an unconstructive person as you.

So go to a constructive person you call your friend and show him one of
your calm rational mails and ask him for his opinion.  Did you do so?
Why not?  Are you so infallible in communication that a second opinion
from someone you trust would be irrelevant?  Or is there nobody you

> I've made my point, you are just talking nonsense.
> Every rational person on this list knows that if I wanted to, I could
> be much more offsensive and insulting.

It would not appear that there any rational persons on this list apart
from you.  Not that it matters.  I think that all the other irrational
people on this list are rather more interested in your potential of
being less offensive and insulting.  Once the cure is worse than the
ailment, namely you cause fewer work to be done on Git by your presence
than you can do yourself, because of you distracting others and/or
making them leave, it does not matter whether it could be even worse.

David Kastrup
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