On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 09:52:15AM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> Or am I reacting to a typo and you meant to say "I would prefer not
> to instrument"?  Your "shipping the warnings to end users who did
> not package the software will not help" was unclear if you meant the
> README that has warning or warning message they have to see every
> time from the instrumented code.

Argh, yes, it is a typo. I had written "I would prefer _not_ to
instrument the code with warnings...". While reading it back to myself,
I thought "using underlining there is too argumentative", but somehow
managed to delete the whole word rather than simply the "_" characters.
I'm very sorry to have wasted people's time by accidentally making the
opposite point.

I agree with the line of reasoning you laid out in your email,

> I would say that the options I see are these three, and I would rank
> the "warn every time" as less helpful to end-users:
>  - rename contrib/remote-helpers to contrib/obsolete-remote-helpers
>    and add README to point at the upstream.
>  - remove contrib/remote-helpers scripts and add README.
>  - warn every time the user runs the scripts.

I hadn't thought of the rename idea, and it would address the concerns I
brought up. I do think "obsolete" is the wrong word, as it sends the
wrong message. The helpers are not obsolete; it is our _copy_ of them
that is.

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