Matthieu Moy wrote:
> Felipe Contreras <> writes:
> >  % git fetch
> >  WARNING: git-remote-hg is now maintained independently.
> >  WARNING: For more information visit 
> >
> >  searching for changes
> >  no changes found
> I don't think the situation is as simple as you claim. In many cases,
> the first step before the ones you are mentionning are:
>   cd $git/contrib/remote-helpers
>   cp git-remote-{hg,bzr} somewhere/in/path

In many cases, but not all cases. In other cases they are:

    ln -s $git/contrib/remote-helpers/git-remote-hg \

Which has to be done only once, and not every time Git is updated.

> They produces no warning if git-remote-{hg,bzr} exist with the warning,
> but "no such file or directory: contrib/remote-helpers" if the directory
> has been renamed or removed.

So? They'll get the warning the next time they try to use it, and their
workflow won't be interrupted, and the warning will be more useful than
"No such file or directory".

> When git-remote-{hg,bzr} are installed with a package manager, the fact
> that they are part of Git's core or not is often irrelevant. For
> example, Debian splits the git.git source into many packages, so a
> Debian user will not see any difference between helpers included in
> git.git or outside (e.g. I have to install the package git-svn if I want
> to use git-svn).

Yet there is no git-hg. And I doubt Jonathan Nieder is going to package
the out-of-tree git-bzr, which as far as I know, is the only out-of-tree
package of these remote helpers in any distro.

Felipe Contreras
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