Jeff King wrote:

> I agree with the line of reasoning you laid out in your email,
> especially:

What a shock.

> > I would say that the options I see are these three, and I would rank
> > the "warn every time" as less helpful to end-users:
> > 
> >  - rename contrib/remote-helpers to contrib/obsolete-remote-helpers
> >    and add README to point at the upstream.
> > 
> >  - remove contrib/remote-helpers scripts and add README.
> > 
> >  - warn every time the user runs the scripts.
> I hadn't thought of the rename idea, and it would address the concerns I
> brought up. I do think "obsolete" is the wrong word, as it sends the
> wrong message. The helpers are not obsolete; it is our _copy_ of them
> that is.

Originally you said you would respect if I wanted the code out
for v2.0, I said I would like it out at some point, not necessarily in
v2.0. Junio said he was fine with that, but the proposals above don't do

Now it seems you are changing your mind and you are OK with the code
remaining in.

Do what you will, but I already told you what I will do in response.

Felipe Contreras
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