On Sat, May 17, 2014 at 12:25:30AM -0500, Felipe Contreras wrote:

> > I agree with the line of reasoning you laid out in your email,
> > especially:
> What a shock.

Please stop with these unproductive and rude comments.

> > I hadn't thought of the rename idea, and it would address the concerns I
> > brought up. I do think "obsolete" is the wrong word, as it sends the
> > wrong message. The helpers are not obsolete; it is our _copy_ of them
> > that is.
> Originally you said you would respect if I wanted the code out
> for v2.0, I said I would like it out at some point, not necessarily in
> v2.0. Junio said he was fine with that, but the proposals above don't do
> that.
> Now it seems you are changing your mind and you are OK with the code
> remaining in.

My concerns were with people not noticing the README. Removing the code
entirely is the way I thought of to address that. Junio suggested
another way, which I would also be fine with. And it seems like a
friendlier way than removal to handle it for v2.0, if we are going to
remove the code entirely post-v2.0.

As before, if your desire is to have the code out for v2.0, then say so.
I think we should respect such a request.

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