Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

>  % git fetch
>  WARNING: git-remote-hg is now maintained independently.
>  WARNING: For more information visit https://github.com/felipec/git-remote-hg
>  searching for changes
>  no changes found

I don't think the situation is as simple as you claim. In many cases,
the first step before the ones you are mentionning are:

  cd $git/contrib/remote-helpers
  cp git-remote-{hg,bzr} somewhere/in/path

They produces no warning if git-remote-{hg,bzr} exist with the warning,
but "no such file or directory: contrib/remote-helpers" if the directory
has been renamed or removed.

When git-remote-{hg,bzr} are installed with a package manager, the fact
that they are part of Git's core or not is often irrelevant. For
example, Debian splits the git.git source into many packages, so a
Debian user will not see any difference between helpers included in
git.git or outside (e.g. I have to install the package git-svn if I want
to use git-svn).

That said, I'm fine with the "add a warning" option too.

Matthieu Moy
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