Four related feature requests/ideas:

1. equivalent to GIT_*_EMAIL/NAME vars, but processed only if git config 
doesn't set values

Right now, there isn't any way to have a systemwide profile script that tries to determine a better default for the user name/email values, such as in the case of shared logins. The best I've been able to do for now is use the 'EMAIL' var.

Use case in my environment - most shared-login accounts are accessed via krb5 login, so it provides a nice way to set a better default for "who is doing this commit" than just the userid.

2. Setting option to (or other setting) that would BLOCK the commit from occurring at all if it would otherwise fall back to defaults. I thought this previously worked by setting an empty value, but apparently doesn't work that way in current versions.

3. Setting option to to prompt, SVN-style, for the name/email. Yes, this would be annoying/obnoxious to use normally, but intent is to avoid un-named "root@host" commits that would otherwise occur from user being lazy.

4. (This would accomplish all of the above) - enhance the include.path option to support the "!" syntax similar to what aliases can do. i.e.

   path = !/usr/local/bin/gen-git-env


   cmd = /usr/local/bin/gen-git-env

-- Nathan

Nathan Neulinger             
Neulinger Consulting                   (573) 612-1412
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