Nathan Neulinger <> writes:

>> I wouldn't mind having a GIT_EMAIL envvar with the semantics you mean,
>> but can you say more about the use case?  What's wrong with the usual
>> EMAIL environment variable?
> EMAIL actually worked for this case for me, but there wasn't any
> equivalent for author name, so the commits all look like
> "sharedaccount <myuser@mydomain>".

I do not want to go into the discussion on the sanity/insanity of
using such a "shared account", but I am guessing that you already
have a concrete and workable mechanism in mind to allow you to set
these environment variables such as GIT_WEAKER_AUTHOR_NAME to
individual real users who share that account, and I further guess
that that is what you use to set EMAIL.  Am I guessing right?

If so, wouldn't it be a better option to use that mechanism to set
separate $HOME (or XDG_CONFIG_HOME if you prefer) to these real
users who share the account, so that separate $HOME/.gitconfig files
can be used by them?
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