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Nathan Neulinger <nn...@neulinger.org> writes:

I wouldn't mind having a GIT_EMAIL envvar with the semantics you mean,
but can you say more about the use case?  What's wrong with the usual
EMAIL environment variable?

EMAIL actually worked for this case for me, but there wasn't any
equivalent for author name, so the commits all look like
"sharedaccount <myuser@mydomain>".

I do not want to go into the discussion on the sanity/insanity of
using such a "shared account", but I am guessing that you already
have a concrete and workable mechanism in mind to allow you to set
these environment variables such as GIT_WEAKER_AUTHOR_NAME to
individual real users who share that account, and I further guess
that that is what you use to set EMAIL.  Am I guessing right?

Yes, the behavior currently is:

        If I can figure out "who", I'll set the EMAIL/attributes based on that.
        If not, it'll default to the "don't know" behavior that throws up the 

Ideally, I'd prefer the second option be:

        Force user to specify --author if a good default can't be determined

But there doesn't appear to be a way to do that.

If so, wouldn't it be a better option to use that mechanism to set
separate $HOME (or XDG_CONFIG_HOME if you prefer) to these real
users who share the account, so that separate $HOME/.gitconfig files
can be used by them?

Not really, since there are lots of servers, and lots of application/service accounts. Where filesystem acl'ing can be used reasonably, it is, making this moot, but it still boils down to example case of "I have a team of X people maintaining Y different applications, each on their own dedicated account". I'd just like a good mechanism to set defaults based on information other than what is in the home dir on the occasions that users log in directly to the app account, as opposed to doing updates offline on their own systems/to central repo/etc.

-- Nathan

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