Jeff King <> writes:

> On Fri, May 30, 2014 at 02:58:47PM -0500, Nathan Neulinger wrote:
>> Not really, since there are lots of servers,...
> But I think anything you could set up in the environment could be set up
> in an on-the-fly $HOME. For example, instead of:
> do:
>   HOME=$(mktemp -d gitenv.XXXXXX")
>   trap 'rm -rf "$HOME"' 0
>   git config --global "$name"
>   git config --global "$email"
> You'd want to link in anything else you actually _want_ in $HOME, but
> that also gives an opportunity to set up application-specific options
> based on the user (e.g., if you could pull their .vimrc from some shared
> storage or something).

Yes.  I agree that "Not really, ..." was not very convincing to me.

Another thing that might be useful in general (i.e. I am not
particularly trying to help the "shared" configuration on the topic
of this thread) is to allow environment variable substitution in

Nathan's installation can set a "GIT_MYSELF" and then have something
like this in the shared $HOME/.gitconfig

                path = /usr/local/users/$GIT_MYSELF/ident

we could even make the whole thing fail when GIT_MYSELF is not set
but I haven't thought things through ;-)
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