I wouldn't mind having a GIT_EMAIL envvar with the semantics you mean,
but can you say more about the use case?  What's wrong with the usual
EMAIL environment variable?

EMAIL actually worked for this case for me, but there wasn't any equivalent for author name, so the commits all look like "sharedaccount <myuser@mydomain>".

    path = !/usr/local/bin/gen-git-env

This is scary in terms of privilege escalation attacks.  ("Admin,
could you please take a look at this repo?  When I run 'git status',

Wouldn't that be pulling from ~sharedaccount/.gitconfig anyway though? (Agreed that it could be an issue if you have shared ssh agent, krb5 tgts, etc. - but that would exist any time you connected into a shared account.)

I would probably take the approach of not supporting that syntax in anything other than the per-user gitconfig file though as a safety measure - per-repo config could indeed be a problem.

-- Nathan

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