Am 17.07.2014 17:37, schrieb Stepan Kasal:
> Hello,
> this is the remainder of Karsten's unicode branch, that is a time
> proven part of msysGit.  (If this code is accepted, only one patch
> would only remain: gitk and git-gui fixes.)

Thank you so much!

I had to add '#include "../cache.h"' to compile, due to use of
ALLOC_GROW and alloc_nr in some of the patches. In the msysgit HEAD,
Erik's hideDotFile patch does that [1].


After that (and applying your mingw test fixes), only t7001 fails
(the 'cp -P' issue).

> When rebasing Karsten's work, I have eliminated two commits:
> These commits only moved code down and up; this was not necessary, one
> forward declaration was all I needed.

I believe we prefer moving code to the right place over forward
declarations (IIRC I got bashed for the latter in one of the first rounds
of this patch series). If only to justify 'git-blame -M' :-D

> One of the patches differs from the original version: "Enable color..."
> Following Karsten's suggestion, I have changed the value of env. var.
> TERM from "winterm" to "cygwin".  This is because the subprocesses see
> the variable and may try to find it in (their copy of) termcap.

Good! One more step towards getting rid of the git-wrapper.

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