> Karsten Blees <karsten.bl...@gmail.com> writes:
> > I believe we prefer moving code to the right place over forward
> > declarations (IIRC I got bashed for the latter in one of the first rounds
> > of this patch series). If only to justify 'git-blame -M' :-D

indeed, my position is the same, generally.

But it turned out that the current ordering is sane, mostly works as it is,
and I needed _only one_ fwd decl to make things compile.  This is why I
decided to have things arranged this way.

If anyone thinks the resulting ordering is not OK, they can propose
one re-order patch on top of this series.

Junio wrote:
> OK, so the series may need further re-polishing of the polishing
> done by Stepan last-minute before sending them out.  I'll still

No, it was not last minute work.  It was done several weeks ago, after some
planning, etc.  It's my best.  Corrections welcome, though.

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