Hello Karsten,

you wrote:
> However, if it *did* compile for you, I wonder where ALLOC_GROW (as of #02/13)
> and alloc_nr (as of #10/13) came from? Or did we recently remove '#include 
> "cache.h"'
> from upstream mingw.c?

you are right, the include needs to be added.

To test my modifications, I rebased all the rest of msysGit collection,
built and run the test suite.

As you pointed out, https://github.com/msysgit/git/commit/d85d2b75
adds the include.

Unfortunately, I won't get to this for several weeks.  Could you or Hannes
be so kind and post the fixup?

Thank you for this comment.  And big thanks for the orignal work.
(I was only moving it and even that took some time. ;-)

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