Stepan Kasal <> writes:

> If anyone thinks the resulting ordering is not OK, they can propose
> one re-order patch on top of this series.

I agree that that would be a good way to go.

> Junio wrote:
>> OK, so the series may need further re-polishing of the polishing
>> done by Stepan last-minute before sending them out.  I'll still
> No, it was not last minute work.  It was done several weeks ago, after some
> planning, etc.  It's my best.  Corrections welcome, though.

I did not literally mean "minute", and I am sorry if I sounded like
I was saying that you threw junk that are not well-thought-out into
the mix.

The point I wanted to clarify was that the claim to be "time proven
part of msysGit" in the first paragraph of the cover does not apply
to some of the patches in the series, in which case I shouldn't
merge it right to 'master' without waiting for responses.

In that context (I take "time proven" is like "more than 18
months"), weeks vs minutes do not make much of a difference anyway

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