Karsten Blees <karsten.bl...@gmail.com> writes:

> Am 17.07.2014 17:37, schrieb Stepan Kasal:
> I believe we prefer moving code to the right place over forward
> declarations (IIRC I got bashed for the latter in one of the first rounds
> of this patch series). If only to justify 'git-blame -M' :-D
>> One of the patches differs from the original version: "Enable color..."
>> Following Karsten's suggestion, I have changed the value of env. var.
>> TERM from "winterm" to "cygwin".  This is because the subprocesses see
>> the variable and may try to find it in (their copy of) termcap.
> Good! One more step towards getting rid of the git-wrapper.

OK, so the series may need further re-polishing of the polishing
done by Stepan last-minute before sending them out.  I'll still
queue but will hold in 'pu' while Windows folks can agree all is

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