Peter Burgess wrote:

> There can be activities to bring connectivity to the underserved, but it
> will never be done with the organizational and funding framework that
> dominates development space today. The technology is available. The
> people are available. But the business model and value chain being used
> does not optimize what is available and use it to support development,
> but organizes to reward investors and corporate management OR government
> and the repayment of WB/IMF debt.
> The big corporate world has actually created a connectivity monster ...
> with $zillions of investment that now is unbelievably surplus to their
> needs and obsolete as well. To some extent we have a replay of the AT&T
> fiasco of the early 1980s when they suffered from an earlier version of
> the corporate obsolescence crisis.
> If anyone wants to invest in solutions that use best technology and can
> deliver affordable connectivity in the SOUTH, I would like to hear from
> them.

Peter Burgess is right in zeroing in on the connectivity monster created
by the big corporate world, the "business model and value chain being
used". The globalization being promoted in the North marginalizes the
South by binding it with huge NON-PERFORMING LOANS that are
self-perpetuating and exponentially growing. The overall solution is to
convert those NPLs into investments in a technology that achieves
macrodynamic equilibrium between North and South. The North has a huge
surplus of producer goods and services (e.g. country-wide chains of
giant factories for producing hardware and software and giant
laboratories for research into innovative techniques). The South has a
huge deficit of consumer goods and services in that they are
UNDER-SERVED in connectivity (and in everything else needed for
survival). The South will not prioritize connectivity if they have prior
concerns for survival.

The overall solution has already been discussed here on GKD as early as
April 16, 1997 and for the succeeding 36 months. In 1999, it has already
been published as a book entitled "Macroeconomic Dynamics: An Essay in
Circulation Analysis" by B. Lonergan. My point now is that the best
technology that "can deliver affordable connectivity in the South" can
be deduced with precision from this MD-ECA.  (A review article entitled
"Macroeconomic Dynamics and the Work of Nations: Lonergan and Reich on
the Global Economy", by Paul Hoyt-O'Connor, appears on pages 111-131 of
"Method: Journal of Lonergan Studies" Vol 17 No. 2 for the Fall of

This is in reply to the request for a solution from Peter Burgess.

Vicente Marasigan

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