Isaac wrote:
> It's not a mistake.  Preaching the gospel of first sale according to Alexander
> appears to be a life mission.

<quote authors=Jeffrey Siegal, Isaac>

>What about the first sale doctrine? Indeed, if users own their own
>copies, including binary copies, of the software, than those users can
>transfer those copies without complying with the GPL's requirements as
>to source code access.

Interesting. I really hadn't thought about that and my attempts
to digest the implications on the fly are making my head hurt.
I can't resolve the problems introduced by first sale without
either making the user of GPL'd code a non owner or deciding
that users really can transfer their copies, no matter what the
GPL says.

Gotta think about this.  Kinda makes my whole argument moot
if GPL users are really licensees.  <g>



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