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> David Kastrup wrote:
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>> > The GPL is entirely different T&C, stupid. The BSD doesn't allow
>> > relicensing under the GPL T&C. Only the BSD T&C apply.
>> There is nothing to indicate "Only" in the BSD license.  You can
>> obviously add your own terms.
> It is "obvious" only to GNU brainwashed population.

Well, the decisive difference of the GPL is the "no additional
restrictions" clause of the GPL.

I mean, this is Licensing 101.

>> Why do you think that the BSD license is more popular for
>> proprietary vendors?
> I've told you already that EULAs have really nothing to do with
> (non-exclusive) copyright licenses that contractually convey rights
> reserved to the copyright owners.

You tell a lot of nonsense when the days are long.  It is just hard to
see what that is supposed to have to do with the topic at hand.

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