Alexander Terekhov <> writes:

> Correct statement is
>    The GPL *ILLEGALLY* purports to establishes a pool of software
> because the GPL purports to control the licensee's copyrights with
> respect to "all third parties" (i.e. the world)

No, you are confused again.  The GPL gives you permission to pass copies
and modifications to third parties of _your_ choice, _if_ you make the
source code available to _those_ third parties of your choice.  Nobody
else is involved here.  _One_ way to make the source code available to
those third parties of _your_ choice, is to put it on a publicly
accessible server and tell those parties where to fetch it.

There is no obligation to license source code or make it available
_except_ to those parties who _you_ choose to sublicense material to.

> in violation of copyright law (preemption clause) and public policy
> (misuse, antitrust, and all that).

That sort of handwaving waffle got Wallace thrown out of court for
failure to state a claim.

David Kastrup
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