* Siddhesh Poyarekar <siddh...@gotplt.org> [2020-01-14 08:05]:
> On 13/01/20 10:51 am, Jean Louis wrote:
> > The big joke in the end is that few of those politically oriented,
> > mostly French GNU members, again wish to censor the joke that was
> > about censorship itself.
> 1. As someone in the middle of that whole debacle, I'd like to clarify
> that I'm not French.  In fact, I wonder how many glibc contributors we
> have in France.  I'll admit that I wouldn't be able to tell French from
> Belgian, etc. given that, well, I'm not French.
> 2. As for the manual text, would it be appropriate for me to send emails
> to this list about endangered Wildebeest?  Why not?  The list is about
> GNUs after all!  How about "Free Palestine" or "Free Kashmir"?  Why not?
>  How about "Stop internet censorship"?  The whole thing is a matter of
> debate *only* because of the will of the chief GNUisance.

GNU acronym itself is a joke. There is no point in discussing jokes,
if you like it, it is good, if you got the point, fine, if not, also

> 3. That censorship claim is ridiculous.  If anything, the current GNU
> structure gives the chief gnuisance power and he abused it to keep all
> of us hostage for a year.

As you are not French, and also not kept captive by RMS in his cellar,
you are also not a "hostage".

Find other project to abuse.

> 4. That thread ended up exposing much of what is wrong with the top-down
> approach of maintenance.  RMS threatened (and Alex executed on his
> behalf) to use his veto power when clearly the majority of the glibc
> community was against his viewpoint on the topic.

Exactly. That is what founder of project decided.

Opinion of majority is not necessary just opinion. Management of GNU
projects are by majority not democratic.

If you have a software project where you are project manager, you may
decide to let people vote on it.


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