On 15/01/20 11:49 am, Jean Louis wrote:
> Software projects on this planet Earth are mostly started by private
> individuals, and there are private companies starting software
> projects.
> It is true that one who is not creator of such, normally cannot
> participate in substantial changes of such software projects,
> especially, it is impossible to just kick out the founder of the

Sure, but it is possible to convince the founder that it is in the best
interest of the project to officially decentralize it since that's how
it has been operationally working anyway and also because that is the
most effective way to grow the project.

> project. It is ridiculous even to think of that, as that is indication
> of criminal mind. It is like kicking out the home owner out of his own
> home.

OK, lets go the home owner analogy.  Assuming that the grandfather is
the home owner, this is like trying to convince the grandfather that it
is in the best interest of the home itself that he relinquish unilateral
control of the home to the family trust so that the entire family can
contribute directly to the well-being of the home.

Now the question of who the grandfather is or how to convince them is
the question we're discussing right now.  That is, is FSF the
grandfather or RMS?  Can the FSF unilaterally decide, will/should it
decide that way or should/will they confer with RMS?

None of this is an indication of a criminal mind.


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