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On 16/01/20 12:27 am, Jean Louis wrote:
> Why don't you talk to Dr. Stallman?

I trust he is involved in the conversation.  Maybe not here but
definitely through the FSF since I gather one of the questions in these
threads is what FSF's role is in all this.

> GNU project as such is probably mostly decentralized project among
> many others.
> There is freedom, decentralize the software, do what you wish with it.
> Look:
> https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1b/Linux_Distribution_Timeline.svg

The GNU project as an officially documented structure is not
decentralized; you have used that as an argument upthread.  GNU project
as far as operational maintenance is concerned is almost completely
decentralized, which is the argument we are making to make the case for
making it officially so.

And you seem to be comfortable taking both sides depending on how it
suits your argument at that specific moment.

> You live too much in the USA. In other countries we have respect to
> elder.

You really need to stop guessing my nationality/residence and values.

> Yes, RMS can decide. Finished.
> When are you to understand that finally? What are you discussing? It
> is not yours to kick out RMS.

Sure, I don't even claim authority to do that.  I am expressing a wish
as a regular contributor to the GNU project.  It's a difference you
either don't understand, or is something you're wary of because deep
down you know that even though the GNU maintainer guide implies that
contributors are not that important to the project, in real life they are.


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