Ludovic Courtes wrote:
><> does not mention how people
>should be =E2=80=9Cexpelled=E2=80=9D if they =E2=80=9Cdisagree=E2=80=9D.  O=
>n the contrary: it=E2=80=99s about
>building a shared understanding of what some (hopefully most!) of us
>commit to as members of the Project.
>We tried to make it clear in the email sent out to maintainers:
>> I think that banning such people would make us guilty of the same crimes =
>> they have committed.
>Please do not misrepresent this initiative.
this is the worst case fo the pot calling the kettle that ive head in all my borne days.  you and you're kronys set up fake websites claiming to be GNU MANAGEMENT telling exagerations and half thruthes and then have the guts to comme on heir and say to people Dont misprepresent!
You R doing the misrepresentaion!  u are decieving people. and then to have the cheek to say it to other people.
You are not GNU MANAGEMENT and if U were itd be the worst example ive ever known.  pls stop with this fake website it is not anything to do with GNU U R purveying falsehood by continuing with it.

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