On Thu, Feb 06, 2020 at 10:51:24AM +0100, Ludovic Court??s wrote:
> > I think that banning such people would make us guilty of the same crimes 
> > that
> > they have committed.
> Please do not misrepresent this initiative.  It???s about making GNU
> stronger; you may disagree with the approach, but that doesn???t make it a
> ???crime??? in any sense of the word.

I use the word "crime" in a metaphorical sense as I am sure you realise.  I do
not suggest that you have broken any law,  but you certainly have and stll are
creating a devisive, unpleasant and downright dystopian atmosphere in our

GNU was always based on mutual respect and willing coorperation.  But now, by
means of your Anti-Social Edict and other tools, you are trying to turn that
into a soviet style oligarchy, justified by some putative "holier than thou"
self-righteous dogma.

If you were succed in your quest, I would want to take no part in GNU and I'm
confident most of my fellow hackers feel the same.


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