Dear Ruben Safir,
If you're going to take legal action, take it. Don't just "threaten" forever. Your "threats" and unhappiness have no meaning if you do not take the next step (note: legal "threats" are not threats) 200 dollar filing fee, have one of your friends help you pro-bono. If you have a case, do it. And forward me the case number as I would like to watch (I mean that sincerely, I like to read as cases unfold). I don't like censorship either, or extraneous writings (such as social contracts) non-attorneys try to impose in-order to extend or modify the actual copyright licenses and practices that actual copyright holders and developers have decided upon.

On 2020-02-04 18:34, Ruben Safir wrote:
On 2/2/20 5:37 AM, Ales Cepek wrote:
I was not sure whether to endorse the GNU Social Contract or not, but
you definitely convinced me that I should. Thank you for removing my

Thank You!

This is now enough evidence to bring to court for legal action. It
proves that the site is intentionally misrepresnting the GNU project and
that it succeeds in causing confusion, : IE it is a successful phishing

Aleš Čepek

On 2/1/20 9:23 PM, facebook wrote:

This webpage is cause for banning of individuals from the GNU Project.
It is PHISHING of the GNU organization

and prclaims policies for GNU that didn't come from its official
governing structure.

These individuals need to be banned, regardless of what contribution
they make.  There is no justificiation for PHISHING the GNU name and
organiziation.  This is a serious legal and ethical violation that has to be forcefully confronted.  Also, be aware, that failure to protect a
trade mark is cause for the government to rule against trademark
authorization and pocession.  They need to be zelously protected, or
they are legally lost.


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