On Tue, 10 Apr 2018, Dale Alspach wrote:

Question for those who want the [GNC] prefix: Would having the email from
be from the list (gnucash-user@gnucash.org) instead of the user (original
sender) serve as well?


  Doesn't matter to me, in most cases. When I reply to a message that has
both the sender's address and the list alpine puts the sender's address on
the To: line and the list address on the Cc: line. Before sending I delete
the former and move the latter up.

  There are times when a response to the individual rather than the list is
appropriate. This is when the response is off the thread and is either off
the mail list topic or is of a personal nature. Having both addresses
availalbe accommodates all situations.

This would also help with the "remember to reply to the list" issue.
Reply, Reply-all, Reply-list would include the list address. I believe the
mailing list software would still put the original sender address in the
headers so that an off-list reply would be possible.

  When I respond to a message, such as this one, alpine asks me if I want to
respond to all. My fingers default to 'yes.' Often, both the sender and the
list are on the header and I adjust as desired, usually removing the
sender's address as they get a copy from the list in any case.

  All mail lists prefer threads to remain on the list so that future readers
can see the entire thread.

  I admit to not seeing where having [GNC] as a subject line prefix is
harmful to any list subscriber; perhaps that's because it is not an issue
for me either way.


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