I am using GnuCash 2.6.18 and I am not sure what version of F:Q I was using
but I reinstalled it a couple of days ago to ensure it was the latest
version. Still not getting any quotes at all. Have updated manually but at
more than 50 stocks that is quite arduous. It appears to me that the
suppliers of quotes are getting a bit more savvy that there is a potential
income stream that they could use. I already have on line accounts (Bank,
Broker, Stockopedia and Motley Fool) where I pay and where I can get quotes
but I do not suppose there is anyway of linking to those accounts?

Is there a possibility of importing quotes from an external file? I could
download my share data into Excel say, run a macro to strip out the date,
Share ID and quote and then import this into GC?

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