Hey PK and Kaan,

I hear your concerns. I hope that I can moderate worries by saying the 
following in regard to each of the points you brought up:

*1. Avoid paying for attachment bits through front-end*

While the GCS integration to Mail API attachments will be discussed in the 
next point, there's another GCS solution here which is very useful. You can 
generate URLs to the attachment objects and merely embed these URLs in the 
email. This ultimately has the same transfer cost for the user's machine as 
downloading from a mail server storing the attachment, but is slightly 
different since you can recall the object at a later date.

*2. Feature requests for GCS integration to Mail API*

We always encourage users to make use of the Public Issue Tracker 
<https://code.google.com/p/googleappengine/issues/list> to make any feature 
requests that they think of. We track them and consider them, and this is 
the best way to ensure that we know about it in a formal manner rather than 
just posting in a discussion thread. We look forward to all feature 
requests because it means users are working on the platform and 

*3. Platform Unity*
We definitely recognize that the power of the platform comes from its unity 
and internal organization. The various services combine to create an 
ecosystem where development can rapidly integrate many capabilities to 
produce powerful apps. Because we understand that developers depend on the 
services for app performance, we offer a minimum 1 year announcement before 
deprecation, as you can read in the Cloud Platform Terms of Service 

We also do our best during any deprecation period to provide support and 
migration advice to developers. Community Support is a resource for you 
developers, so please don't hesitate to ask us any questions or open 
discussions of architecture, design, etc. We can't prevent the web or our 
services from changing over time, as all things must, but we can do our 
best to provide comprehensive support for users during these changes. 

For the moment, everything said above and elsewhere about the Mail API and 
Sendgrid remains good advice. Sendgrid is simply far better suited to bulk 
messages, while the Mail API can be used effectively for administrative 
emails such as a password reset system, etc.

As always, let us know your thoughts or if you have any further questions! 
We'll be happy to help.


Cloud Platform Community Support

On Monday, October 17, 2016 at 6:39:17 PM UTC-4, Kaan Soral wrote:
> Good thing we are locked-in for life to App Engine. Using App Engine for 
> maybe 6 years, It's part of me
> Seeing this announcement, and practically experiencing the roadblock, 
> devastates me
> The beauty of App Engine comes from it's unity, when you take a vital part 
> of that unity out and kill it, it inflicts terror and fear, I fear that 
> more and more services are going to be terminated one day

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