Okay, we were able to figure out what the issue was. The guys that were 
running an older version and then upgraded to the current version of the 
CMS still had a file that was no longer being used. Has not been used in 
many years. It was a file called prototype.js version 1.5 from 
prototypejs.org. Something with the google charts code did not like the 
prototype.js. I will just post with the readme if they are running an 
updated version of the old CMS, that they have to remove the inclusion of 
the file and just delete the file from their site.

On Monday, October 17, 2016 at 10:14:06 AM UTC-4, Daniel LaLiberte wrote:
> Your code appears to be working fine for me:  
> https://jsfiddle.net/dlaliberte/459jx0jc/
> I am using Chrome on Linux for this.  Is there a platform where it fails 
> for you?
> The error "a is not a function" indicates there is a bug in our code, 
> possibly, and if so, I'd like to know what caused it, but if it is caused 
> by something else on your page that interferes with the Google Charts code, 
> then where the bug is becomes debatable.
> -- 
> Daniel LaLiberte <https://plus.google.com/100631381223468223275?prsrc=2>
> dlali...@google.com <javascript:>   5CC, Cambridge MA

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