#297: collect breast cancer data from GPC sites for linking with surveys, multi-
signal analysis
 Reporter:  dconnolly    |       Owner:  gkowalski
     Type:  task         |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  cohort-char-bc-db
Component:  data-        |  Resolution:
  sharing                |  Blocked By:  329, 330, 358, 382, 452, 467, 468,
 Keywords:               |  470, 480, 482, 513, 533
 Blocking:  214, 298     |

Comment (by tmeyer):

 Getting this error on import:

 ERROR: Illegal use of 'redcap_data_access_group' field!
 You are currently in a Data Access Group, which means that you can only
 edit records belonging to your group, and also that any new records you
 create get added to your group automatically. Using the
 'redcap_data_access_group' field as a means to add or attribute a record
 to a group can ONLY be done by someone that is NOT in a Data Access Group.
 Please remove that column from your data import file and try again.

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